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Congressman Dave Weldon M.D. Papers Edit




  • 1995-2008 (Creation)


  • 34 Cubic Feet (Whole)
    21 boxes, 5 binder units, 6 AV units, 350 folders

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  • Abstract

    This collection holds the material collected and created during Dr. Dave Weldon’s tenure in the United States Congress. Dr. Weldon held his seat from 1995 until 2008. The collection contains information on the space program, AIDS, family planning, 9/11, the Columbia accident, and defense. The collection has bills that were signed by Weldon as well as much of the research that went into developing these bills. Within the collection are also many letters to and from Dr. Weldon from other lawmakers as well as others within the government such as the President of the United States.

  • Biographical / Historical

    David Weldon was born in 1953 in Amityville, New York. Dr. Weldon joined the army and went to medical school on the Army Health Professions Scholarship. He served six years active duty and eight years Army Reserve. In 1987 Dr. Weldon went into private practice in Melbourne Florida. In 1994 he successfully ran for Congress for the first time; he served a total of seven terms from 1995-2008.

  • Scope and Contents

    The collection consists of papers from the 104th Congressional session (1995) through the 110th Congressional session (2008). The collection houses bills Weldon proposed and supported,correspondence files, research pertaining to bills, research into the Columbia accident and the future of the space program. There is extensive research into family planning and AIDS as well as different defense projects. The Teri Shaivo case is represented here along with right to life research. A sampling of invitations sent to the congressman, his daily calendar, a register to log visitors into his offices as well as re-election information are all represented in the physical collection.

  • Accruals

    There is a possiblility of further accruals.

  • Conditions Governing Access

    Some records in this collection are subject to access restrictions. Some are restricted for privacy concerns and institutional policy. Please contact the repository for further information.

  • Conditions Governing Use

    Copyright of these materials is held by Florida Tech and others. It is the responsibility of the user to determine and satisfy copyright. Users must seek written permission from both the Florida Tech Special Collections and the original copyright holder regarding use of the material and to distribute, publish, post, or display in any way either in print or electronically.

  • Preferred Citation

    “Item, date.” Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. Papers , SC-DW003, Special Collections, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL.

  • Arrangement


    The folders are in 21 boxes arranged chronologically by year then by subject. The binders are arranged chronologically by year. The boxes, binders, and AV have been divided into ten series.

    Series 1: Case Work (1 folder)

    Series 2: 104th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 1995 (1 box 4 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 1996 (1 box 7 folders)

    Series 3: 105th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 1997 (1 box 6 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 1998 (1 box 6 folders)

    Series 4: 106th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1 : 1999 (1 box 8 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 2000 (1 box 7 folders)

    Series 5: 107th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 2001 (1 box 17 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 2002 (2 boxes 23 folders)

    Series 6: 108th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 2003 (3 boxes 42 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 2004 (2 boxes 28 folders)

    Series 7: 109th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 2005 (2 boxes 24 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 2006 (3 boxes 64 folders)

    Series 8: 110th Congressional Year

    • Subseries 1: 2007 (2 boxes 36 folders)
    • Subseries 2: 2008 (2 boxes 23 folders)

    Series 9: Binders (6 units)

    Series 10: Audio Visual (6 units)