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    Binghamton Sun article “25 Teachers from 18 States Start 4-week Course”; New York Herald Tribune article “For Submarineless Surfacing”; Philadelphia Inquirer articles “Institute to Get Connie’s Balloon” and “The Philadelphia Scene”; Herald Tribune articles “Reports Finding Ruins of Cortez Treasure Ship” and “Bomber Crews ‘Fly’ Mission in ‘Silo’ on the Ground Upstate”; New York Times articles “Wreck Recalls Age of Discovery” and “Jars Found off Sardinia Hint of Roman Hulk”; Coloradoan article “CPR Isn’t Fun – But It Can Save Lives”; Miami Herald articles “Down to the Sea in Link’s Sausage,” “Young Lindbergh in Crew of Link Deep-Sea Study”, “Library Group Signs Charter”, and “Researchers Turn Waste to a Profit”; Press Journal articles “Welfare Building to Fall,” “Man Catches a Great White,” “Anti-Erosion Projects Need Maintenance,” and “Quest for Columbus”; Charlotte Observer article “Ironclad About to Yield Artifacts”; The Evening Press article “Links Home After Finding Possible First Ship Wrecked in New World,” Miami News article “Reef Digger Stopped in Historic Decision”; Ellsworth American article “Edmund R. Boots, East Blue Hill Conceptor Has Invented a Florida Reef, the Traffic Light and a Nylon Nut Lock”; Washington Post article “…Wreck of Monitor”; Tribune article “Research Interns Special to Foundation”; unknown publishers’ articles “34 Countries Will Exhibit in Osaka International Trade Fair”, “Aeronautics Study Cultural, Link Graduates Are Told,” “Air Education Deemed Vital,” “Author Speaks to Pilot Club,” “City Man Serves as Navy Observer,” “Could Be in Less Worthy Location,” “Dinner Honoring E.A. Link Precedes Chamber Tribute,” “Divers Probe Mystery Ship in St. Lawrence River,” “Find Second Anchor from Columbus’ ship,” “Florida Clings to Recovered Treasure,” “Freighter Hits Reef,” “Hopkins Returns from Air Tour of 13 States,” “Institute,” “Leave Link Alone,” “Life Sketches No. 8,” “Lined Up for Air Defense,” “Link Boat Arrives at Sicily,” “Link on Navy Recovery Job, may Delay ‘Sea Tent’ Project,” “Link River Crash Prober Urges Rules,” “Link’s Riders Save 2 in Plane-Boat Collision,” “Link Scholarship Fund Starts,” “Miss Link to Get Aviation Award,” “Old Contracts with Europe Lead at Plant,” “Receives Arents Award,” “Research Submarine Expected May 1,” “State Bill Would Allow Treasure-Hunt Permits,” “Syracuse to Dedicate Center to Edwin Link,” “The ‘Sea Diver’,” “Topside Living for Water People,” “U.S. Youth Tops Britons in Aviation Interest,” “Inner Space,” “Submersible Tells Scientists What’s at Bottom of Ocean,” “In Simulator Business the Profits Are Real,” “Spindrift,” “Nelson Seeks Tax Increase,” “Cousteau Sees Answer in Seas,” “Link Is Back in Singer Name for 12th Change in 41 years,” “The Mysteries of the Ocean Being Revealed,” “Moon Visit Present Tense to Him,” “Cortland Inventor to Build ‘pilot trainers” for Army,” “Student Pilots Fly Blind Without Taking Air,” “How an Aviation Cadet Spends His Day,” and “Grant to Florida Tech Library Support Edwin Link Collection”; and four untitled articles regarding R/V Johnson, a planned exploration at Port Royal, the film to be shown to Harpur College faculty women, and a Link trainer with Corporal Frank M. Huffer and J. W. Robinson, Navy aviation chief machinist.


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